VIDEO: Asher Roth - Roth Boys

Here's a quick fact about me: I'm white and I don't usually like white rappers...especially if they sound like Em. So when I first heard Asher Roth, I sighed and made it about 8 tracks into his Don Cannon/DJ Drama mixtape until I finally said, "hmm...well some new Wale leaked, I'll just listen to that instead." Fast forward 2 weeks to this morning and I'm bored as shit. I find the video above on OKP and I'm pleasantly surprised. I mean, it was a pretty funny and intelligent take on the OG Roc Boyz video. Go ahead, press play.

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  1. wale sucks compared to this kid. That mixtape was incredible. wale is so overrated. did you hear his roc boys remix. this kid toasts him