7.28.08: Rock The Bells Boston Recap

Okay, so first off: a huge thank you to the people at MSO and SanDisk. While I can't vouch for the onstage happenings, everything behind the scenes at Rock The Bells Boston was picture perfect. Expect to see interviews with Jay Electronica, Murs, and B.o.B. within the next few days, although I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to transcribe them. To all of you wondering (especially those of you at OKP), Jay Electronica is a humble, intelligent individual who seems incredibly focused. B.o.B. is young (my age), but you can already tell he'll be an entertainer for the rest of his life. Murs is as real as he is via the speakers, and as soon as I post up the interview you'll be able to tell why. 

Random notes: dead prez ended up doing a 20-minute plus interview with undergroundhiphop.com, shouts to Ian and look for that soon...Raekwon was by far the funniest dude there, 'nuff said...DJ Semtex was by far the most focused press member there, although Green Lantern comes in a close second with all the shit he was doing for Karma Loop, shouts to KL Boston...Mos Def's set was one of the only performances I caught and the new music from The Ecstatic sounds dope, fuck what you heard...Speaking of new music, elitaste was in the house (I can't say anything beyond that, lol)...Redman was hil-ar-ious, check for his interview on KarmaLoop.com soon...Jay Electronica says Act II and Act III are on their way, seriously...Pete Rock was in the house, DJing for Method and Red among others...The hipster stage was bizarre, I'm not even positive if Spank Rock/Amanda Blank were even there...The Cool Kids made a brief appearance backstage, but their only interview was with Semtex...Kidz in the Hall were M.I.A....I didn't even stay for Nas and ATCQ, you mad?

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