VIDEO: Point Blank - God Only Knows (feat. Mark McKay)

So I'm absolutely furious right now because I had already made this post but once I clicked publish Blogger automatically logged me out. (No offense guys, but I can't wait till I launch the actual FF site with WP at the end of August.) Anyway, I'm gonna keep this short because I have some other shit to throw up on here before I go out tonight...

Point Blank is a Canadian hip-hop group that's been around since 1989 (and I'm just getting to know y'all?!) and consists of six emcees plus one house producer - Imperial, Trouble, Stump, Kidd, RPD, Jackal, & Pikihed. Paul from KOCH Entertainment pointed me in the direction of these guys and I will admit that I after I watched the video for their new single, "God Only Knows," I was thoroughly impressed. Even more impressive: the video for their previous single, "Born and Raised in the Ghetto," featuring archival footage of Point Blank's original neighborhood and North America's largest and oldest government housing project, Regent Park in Toronto. Enjoy the extras at the bottom and I'm crossing my fingers for this crew to visit DC in the fall.

Point Blank's new self-titled album is in stores August 19th on Tilt Rock Records.

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