PERSPECTIVE: Hi-Fi on the Jesse Jackson Controversy

I used to be a really big nas fan until this popped off. How can he come out and dis one of the men responsible for him being able to be where he is today? Nas claims that we, as a black community have people like Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and TI to take the place of an iconic figure like Jesse Jackson, so are we attempting to replace a message of Keep Hope Alive with that of Suryp sippin, white girl slanging, illegal assault rifle purchasing, if so count me out. I understand that what the Rev. said was not OK, but in a way he is right about the black community being talked down to and to go even further taken for granted. 

Instead Nas would like all of us to focus on "gettin our paper" as he puts is, when that is the very same attitude that has caused our people to wage war on one another, I live in chicago and two people were slain a block away from my house last night over "paper." If anything what we need right now is Jesse Jackson's message of Hope and understanding so the rappers that NAs speaks of as replacements dont warp the minds of our youth with their idolatry's for 'the material wealth and other things that don't shape who we are as a people.


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