MP3/VIDEO: Wale - Brandy of the Damned (Ronson Remix) x Chillin' & Pretty Girls (Live)

I'm posting this video of Wale from HipHopOfficial because it gives you two pretty great previews of two new songs, "Chillin'" and "Pretty Girls." "Chillin'" is the first single featuring Lady Gaga and produced by Cool and Dre, which should be on the internets by next week. "Pretty Girls" features Tre of UCB, who is seen onstage with big homie in the clip above.

UPDATE: Turning this one into a combo post with a little more specification regarding the video footage. Added the Mark Ronson/Wale remix to "Brandy of the Damned," a song from a new project called Nickel Eye from Nikolai Fraiture, the bassist from The Strokes (who used to be one of my favorite bands). Warning: this isn't music for the hip-hop lover. This is new indie rock ish. Shouts to the home base, elitaste.

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