MP3: Print, Mickey Factz, Homeboy Sandman, $trictly Busine$$, Outasight, 6th Sense, Oddisee, Von Pea & Fresh Daily - Super Friends

I caught some of the Twitter musings the other day regarding this all-star collabo featuring a buncha New York emcees and Oddisee. Together, they're the new "Super Friends" - with Mickey Factz as Silver Surfer, Fresh Daily as Spider-Man, $trictly Busine$$ as Wolverine, 6th Sense as The Thing, Oddisee as Archangel, Outasight as Gambit, Homeboy Sandman as (duh) The Sandman, Von Pea as Plastic Man, and 8thW1 as The Beast. Trust me, it's worth the 10 minutes. And peace to 2DBZ for the link, via the homie Fresh Daily.

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