1.27.09: FF 029 - The DC Twitter Takeover x Tabi Bonney

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With our second *official* episode of the new year/semester (see the Special Edition Donwill x Zo! & Asylum 7 podcasts), we decided we'd have a little fun. I spent the weekend working on this "Go Hard" video jumpoff, so I figure I'll slow things down a bit with this week's Funkadelic Freestyles (029). 

We've dubbed tonight the DC Twitter Takeover; but why? To keep things short, a few known personalities in this DC hip-hop scene had what I'll call a "playful scuffle" last week when they aimed YouTube videos at each other as jokes. The cast of characters (Jay Promo aka Janky Slamsworth, DJ Alizay, modi from DCtoBC, and Dizzy) also managed to rope the elitaste boss, Daniel Weisman, into the festivities, as well. And look: most of us are now well aware of Twitter's popularity in hip-hop and as of late on CNN (whaddup Rick Sanchez!), so I figure we should finally address our Twitter addictions live on air. Expect Mr. Slamsworth in-studio with me and phone calls from Mr. Weisman and the homie modi

In the second hour, I'll be keeping Jay Promo around as my special guest co-host as the two of us sit down to interview DC's shining star (see MTV2), Tabi Bonney. In case you hadn't heard, Mr. Bonney just released the first installment of his dope.fresh.superstar trilogy with the album, dope, in stores now. I got my hands on a copy when I ran into him last night at Pure. 

If the snow keeps you in the house tonight, be sure to catch the stream live at GWRADIO.COM. I'm sure we'll be playing a ton of new music, along with our exclusive recap of last night's fantastic event at Pure. Oh, and a HUGE announcement. Here's a hint.

FF 029
The DC Twitter Takeover
Featuring special guests Daniel Weisman (elitaste) and modi (DCtoBC)
With musical guest Tabi Bonney
Special Guest Co-Host Jay Promo
Hosted by jben.ok
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

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