MP3: AB The Producer - Go Hard (feat. X.O., Pro'Verb, & Lyriciss)

We're just over 43 hours into the new year, and the amount of new music that's reached the internet since 2009 became official is astounding! With that said, I bring you my favorite song of 09 (so far; it's early, ain't it?). AB The Producer is a talented 20-year old from Southeast DC - he's already scored several hits with local emcee Marky and has a comfortable situation with upstart label Studio43. He played me this beat a few months ago and my jaw dropped; it's a clear departure from anything else he's done thus far. It's gritty, it's introspective, and the three emcees - X.O., Pro'Verb, and Lyriciss - all have interesting stories to tell. It's also happens to be the first single off AB's new mixtape, Producer's Credit. Oh and guess what? There's a VIDEO on the way. (Dir: jben.ok?) STAY TUNED!!!

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