VIDEO: Tabi Bonney - Rich Kids (Live @ Pure DC 1.26.09)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: the new FunkadelicFreestylesTV. Brought to you by the folks behind the new "Go Hard" video, myself and Static. Check back every few days or so before we drop the "Go Hard" video so you can pick up some exclusives, including additional performances from Oddisee, Lyriciss, and Pro'Verb. For now, enjoy this video from Tabi Bonney and be on the lookout for the weekly FunkadelicFreestylesTV.


  1. Tabi be spazing when he performs! I love that ish! Anybody who's that passionate about their music has got to succeed. Plus, that dope joint is DOPE. I fukks with that Rock Bammas joint and Go Hard. Every nigga got a Go Hard song, but they all tight so it's cool. It's our year DMV! My nig is on iTunes! That's BIG!