PODCAST: FF SE - Donwill of Tanya Morgan

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The Monday night before inauguration, we welcomed Donwill of the group Tanya Morgan into the studio for a SE (Special Edition) interview on Funkadelic Freestyles Radio. Don had traveled alone from Brooklyn to DC to stay with family so he could experience history firsthand. He started off the interview by pretending that he was Barack Obama (or maybe it was Barack pretending to be Donwill...), and then we really started hitting on some key topics. How important are the blogs for independent artists like you? What's your craziest tour story from this past summer? When's the new Tanya Morgan album, Brooklynatti, finna gonna come out? 

If you listen at the end, you'll get the full rundown of upcoming TM/Donwill projects along with an exclusive acapella preview of "So Damn Down," the first single off Brooklynatti. 

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