12.8.08: FF Closes Down - And Thanks You, Too

Sorry folks, we'll be on hiatus for about a week or two. Don't let the title deceive you; we'll be back...but it may take a little longer that one once thought. The semester is about over and I'll be heading back up to the Northeast for the winter holiday. For those of you who read about FF taking the train to NYC for tomorrow night's Wale concert...well, it ain't happening. The concert's still on and I urge you to go (with Kid Cudi, Colin Munroe, Che Grand, Mark Ronson, & Nick Catchdubs), but let's just say I had some *technical* difficulties this weekend. 

Hopefully you'll see the new site design soon...bug smokeYYY and maybe we'll see something next week. Otherwise, hope y'all have a happy holidays. It was a spectacular semester - shouts out to Southeast Slim, X.O., Benji, Toney, Lyriciss, Nando., Lady A, Kenny Burns, Tabi Bonney, Marky, AB The Producer, Cayan, PHZ-Sicks, D.Omen, G*Two, Phonte of Little Brother, Zo!, The Apple Juice Kid, Tre, Slump, E Major, The Package, Spirit Equality, Che Grand, Panacea, R.E.U.B., RAtheMC, Judah, Pro'Verb, Lord Vada, and many more for making this season our best ever!

Remember to come back in January - and keep checking the blog during December - we'll have another insane roster of guests for the winter and spring. A few more shouts are due to DMV bloggers Modi, Ges, and Dylan for letting me into their elite circle. And speaking of elite...did you forget about the taste? Okay, I'm done. I've got one secret: get ready for a huge music project (presented by FF) coming soon!


  1. It's so haaaaaard, to say gooooodbyeeee, to yesterdaaaaay!!!

    09': It only gets better

  2. 09: The Return of the King......


  3. we patiently waitin', joe...
    you know i'll always be through there, joe

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  4. NO Thank You!!!

    Glad to be apart of your show :) See you next year!

  5. thank you fam for providing a place for new music and a chance at growth

    peace and blessings

  6. man, wtf? no post since monday, i need that FF!