DOWNLOAD: K-Murdock - The Producer's Showcase EP

Artwork by Dylan of SOTL


When I first settled in DC last year, one of my first "industry" friends happened to be the producer K-Murdock - half of DC's own Panacea and host of Sirius/XM's progressive radio show Subsoniq. He's been a guest on Funkadelic Freestyles three times: twice on behalf of Panacea and the other appearance involved a guest co-host spot with Nicolay & Kay last April (a mere hour after he had interviewed them at XM!) A lot of hip-hop heads have made the mistake of looking over Panacea, but K-Murdock and Raw Poetic consistently remain two of the most talented cats in the genre. 

When K-Murdock visited our studio this past October to promote Panacea's new album A Mind On A Ship Through Time, he slipped me a disc featuring six songs he had produced for other rappers and a few cuts from some side projects he's working on. He gave me the go-ahead to liberate the cuts for the masses, but I figured I'd wait until around Christmas time to drop them. So here they are as a FREE download EP, presented by Funkadelic Freestyles & Start.Of.The.Line. Do your research on the side projects and the additional emcees. It's all about the mystery. (But special shouts to Random! Whaddup big homie!) Please remember to support the music of the artists included!

1. Nicolay & Kay - As The Wheel Turns (K-Murdock Remix feat. Raw Poetic)
2. 51 Band - Spiritbomb (feat. Raw Poetic) [Prod. by K-Murdock]
3. Jay-Z - Say Hello (K-Murdock Streets of Rage Remix)
4. Random - The Beatdown [Prod. by K-Murdock]
5. Braille - Playing My Role [Prod. by K-Murdock and Cuts by Damu]
6. Ebony Bed - Skyscraper [Prod. by K-Murdock]

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