INTERVIEW: Colin Munroe (iLL Vibes)

Here's an interview with the multi-talented Colin Munroe, conducted by the good folks at iLL Vibes. I was kind of bummed when I first got this email because I'll be doing an elitaste interview with Colin next Tuesday in NYC....but I resolved the issue by deciding I'd just have to come correct with some new questions. In fact, I'll leave you with a question I'm sure I would have asked if not for iLL Vibes! LOL.

IV: We're truly even more excited to hear the remix with Wale. Wale's a DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) native who's been holding it down for years, and like you, he's an upcoming artist who recently signed with a label. And, believe me, if you see him live, as I've had several times, it's just a breathe of fresh air – from his passion to his lyrics and his live band. What attracted you to Wale, and what is it like working with the guy?

CM: He is part of this new generation of emcees that are emerging right now that are also members of the genre-less generation that I was talking about earlier. They are comfortable and clever at coming up with flows over unconventional tempos and tracks. He is just as passionate in person and loves to be productive. I really respect that combination because you don't always find it in an artist.

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