DOWNLOAD: PHZ-Sicks - The Feature Presentation

I promised PHZ-Sicks I'd put this up when I got back offa hiatus, so let's hope this gives him an extra push on downloads. Here's what he's gotta say:

“Northern VA’s own, PHZ-Sicks drops his mixtape, ‘The Feature Presentation.” The Feature Presentation is a 19 track mixtape including PHZ-Sicks rhyming on songs from the past, present, and unreleased. “I just wanted to give people a sense of what type of artist I am. The music I listen to and what I wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio. This mixtape is if I ran the radio and remixed it. Commercial with substance.” The mixtape also features original tracks like “Universal Monster” and “The Preview”, produced by Detroit’s own, Black Milk and Melo-X. So take a seat, get your popcorn ready and enjoy THE FEATURE PRESENTATION.”

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