PODCAST: FF - The End of 2008 Bonus Mix

We're back! As soon as I finished rocking those finals, I hopped on a plane back home to the fam here in the Northeast. And as promised, the blog is back up and running with new material on its way (along with a new design; smokeYYY promised, sorta). But before this joint gets cleaned up, I figure I'd drop a few exclusives. 

First off we've got the Funkadelic Freestyles End of '08 Bonus Mix, featuring new music from Wale, Blu, & Zo! along with a special appearance and cypher session from DC/MD/VA emcees Lyriciss, Nando., & Pro'Verb. I also threw in a few Christmas joints as the giving man that I am, similar to Wyclef as Santa Claus in the picture above. We jammed in the studio on Tuesday night at the last minute, but don't think this is the final FF podcast of the year. I'll be putting together some additional mixes before we close out 08! (This one is just the last recorded in our DC studios before we return on Jan. 13th, 2009). Tracklist and download below. 

15:14 Cadik - Hard Times (feat. Blu)
26:17 Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg - The Night Before Christmas
28:40 Prince - Another Lonely Christmas
38:14 Lyriciss, Nando., & Pro'Verb - FF Cypher

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  1. The Haitian Santa gave me a mudpie for Christmas.

    Ill show, fam. I was just down the street. Wish i knew it was going on.