VIDEO: Nas - Queens Get The Money (Unofficial)

Over at Rappers I Know, I happened to spot this (presumably) fan-made video to the song "Queens Get The Money," produced by Jay Electronica and off Nas' Untitled. There's a lot of powerful imagery in this thing, and I certainly do recommend watching it. Though Jay has made it clear he had nothing to do with it...I wonder what he thinks about it. Oh, and you noticed Act II still hasn't dropped yet, right? All I can do is shrug and walk away *kicks a few stones for extra measure*. 

UPDATE: Apparently the video's creators had some problems with Vimeo. Check the new YouTube link and their message - 

Queens Get The Money Music Video's New Link 
To Whom It May Concern

In recent activity, your site took great risks in posting the video, "Queens Get The Money." 
We appreciated and were honored by your dedication to the freedom of speech and more importantly the new 
movement and spirit of the hip hop community that our video personified. Sadly, however, larger 'Powers' feel otherwise, and 
has abruptly yanked the video from their site. 

Thankfully, Youtube, has been willing to cooperate and respect artistic freedoms that has allowed the video's
message to virally expand. (So far) . This video has taken over eight months to compile produce; the stories behind the clips, which 
will soon be explained, has many times brought our staff and friends to tears. 

We hope that you find this new home and link for "Queens Get The Money" a simple edit to your blog, and 
accept our apology for the confusion.

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