DOWNLOAD: J.Period & Q-Tip - The [Abstract] Best (Mixtape)

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You don't have to tell me; I'm fully aware that I'm a few days late with this one. When I first tried to scoop it on Tuesday, J.Period's server crashed and they had to put up a mirror with new links. Therefore, I present to you J.Period's The [Abstract] Best, aka The Best of Q-Tip, with a new zshare link. For those of you who have never heard of J.Period ("shame on you" [c] track 7, Stevie)...he doesn't halfass his mixtapes like most DJs, nor does he keep it short. There's 49 tracks on this joint, similar to his 51-track The Best of The Roots and his 85-track The Best of Lauryn Hill. Feel free to start your J.Period education with this free joint, and then go ahead and indulge with the tapes and clips on his website

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