DOWNLOAD: Benji - Smokedown To 4/20/09 EP

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Enjoy the new EP from X.O.'s cohort and Rocksmith affiliate Benji, with the prelude to his new album, SSDD 4/20/09 LP. I actually scooped a hard copy of this at a friend's house on some weird, coincidental stuff. Featuring production from Infinit and Best Kept Secret. Here's the tracklist, and there's a free download below.

1. The Message (From Rhymn An Reason The Movie)
2. WDC (Washington DC) SSDD 4/20/09
3. The Papers (Where My Lighter)
4. The Feelings
5. It's Friday aka Fried Day
6. Breathe
7. E.C. (Emotional Content)
8. Right Now 
9. D.M.V.
10. Outro (From How High)

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