MP3: Wale - Nightlife (feat. Young Chris and Tre of UCB)

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It gives me great pride to present you with "Nightlife," the second leak off Wale's new mixtape Back To The Feature with 9th Wonder. Get lost in those hypnotic vocals from soon-to-be-superstar Tre of the go-go band UCB, and bask in the back-and-forth lyricism from Wale and Young Chris, the heir to the Roc. (And don't overlook the beat, produced by Mikey Mike) Seriously though, Wale's second verse is one his best yet, IMO. And this isn't my first time hearing this joint so... Anyway, still no release date on Back To The Feature, but if all goes as planned, Wale will be announcing the name of his debut album on Interscope and dropping the lead single, "Chillin," featuring Lady Gaga and produced by Cool and Dre.

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  1. im awaiting this album as if its my first born dunn..

    peace god..