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First of all, shouts to DJ M.A.F. and his Facebook for that picture above. Ajani Truth (monster photographer) was also in the joint, as well as King Carter with his digital joint...so you should see some additional pictures soon. But hey, last night wasn't really about the visuals. Sonically, we took it up another notch. We introduced to you to our new in-house/resident DJ, Jerome Baker The 3rd. Jerome works at Stussy DC with King Carter and is known for killing crowds across the city (with sounds, of course). 

Seeing as that the tables were out, it only made sense to have DJ M.A.F. pull off an extra live set. Featuring his own blends and remixes with music from Kid Cudi, Wale, Jim Jones, and more. Feel free to download the 14 minute mix on its own. Also be sure to grab the 1st and 2nd hours of the show (actually only about 45 minutes each) for Jerome's superb mixes and commentary from Jay Promo, King Carter, and myself. Peep the new stream feature! [SHOUTS TO MODI]

FF 033 - Part 1 [stream]

FF 033 - DJ M.A.F. Live Set [stream]

FF 033 - Part 2 [stream] (coming soon!)

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