CCE: Part 3!

I never stick to my word when it comes to blogs.
"Oh yeah, check back tomorrow for another update"
"Tomorrow: the biggest announcement yet."
And when tomorrow came, I said fuck it. Each and every instance I promised some sort of follow-up, I never delivered. That's why this post deserved an exclamation, because this day is very important. I'm giving back to y'all.

So here we go, it's Christmas Eve and I've got gifts. Two tonight, and another one tomorrow. Tomorrow's gift is real special because it's somewhat of an exclusive. All Ima say right now is this: JB. Get prepped before 12/25 finally arrives with the producer tREBLEFREE and the rapper DVS from the OMNiVERSE crew. 

First, the hip-hop duo Atmosphere have developed a little bit of buzz with their EP series. This year brought 3 seasonal EPs, and last Tuesday saw the release of the third, Sad Clown Bad Winter #11. Ima put it out here, but if you get a chance please spend some of that Xmas money on the actual disc. My favorite track? "66th Street"

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This next gift is right on time for the holiday season. I caught a bootleg video of the new Mehki Phifer-produced flick "This Christmas" and while it didn't exceed my expectations, it certainly put me in the Christmas spirit. (Corny, I know) Anyway, young Chris Breezy (Brown)  tried out his acting chops and his character Baby "surprises" the family with his "amazing" singing skills. So here's the soundtrack, and two Breezy tracks from the movie. (Also includes: Toni Braxton, Marvin Gaye, Anthony Hamilton, and Aretha Franklin) Check. it. out.
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Be back tomorrow for the tREB and DVS project, and check brother for yet another day of Getback!

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