a week ago: we had fun

hey folks.
that last post was not meant to happen. but i'm gonna leave it, because it's true. last tuesday was the last episode of funkadelic freestyles for about a month and a week. the great white mark has left the building, and we'll surely miss him. but guess what? the team is coming "extra hard"  (c) LB in january. we're taking FF in a whole new direction, and i'm real excited. we're fresh off two great interviews, so i'm gonna try to bring you something real special for the first show (january 15th). 

anyway, last tuesday's final show was great. my homie zo! came to visit, and once i get my computer back (the apple store stole that shit from me), i'll get some pictures up. thanks to zo's wonderful wife carla for sending me a few extras. mark handled the interview, but it was real special to have zo! there. for any of y'all LB/foreign exchange fans out there, the new shit is absolutely crazy. be prepared for some groundbreaking music this spring.

well, i can't tell secrets now that i'm handling this radio thing. but i'm gonna try to provide y'all with some exclusives over time. for most of you bloggers, lupe fiasco's "the cool" was probably exclusive for you like 6 hours ago. now you're all like "yeah i had that shit for a few weeks, it's aight." well, i'm listening right now and i'm happy. fiascogate should be history, and "paris, tokyo" is fucking insane. thanks lu, and let's hope we can get you for an interview this january. 

alright, much love i'll keep ya updated.

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