Christmas Came Early: Part 2

&It's been a rather quiet week in hip hop. I mean all I remember is people thought Mr. Pump It Up Joe Budden was coming at Phonte and The Lox gon be reuniting in NYC sometime soon. I think I downloaded my sixth American Gangster remix album, (I see you Von, Beirut) and so far, I'm pretty satisfied. 

Here's what's landed on my desktop this week:

First off, the American Gangster remix albums. Ima go with my favorite right now, which would be American Angster from Von Pea of Tanya Morgan. It's a whole nother level of "remix" with Von's version. 

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Von Pea ~ American Angster (it's your link Von, hope you ain't mind)

Oh, fam, it is so not Christmas without the "12 Days of Getback," courtesy of Phonte from Little Brother. Do that daily check of the MySpace ( for free (yes, free my dude) gifts from Phontigallo himself. It's all rough mixes/demos from their 2007 release "Getback" and each one gots a story. And see that little "Download" button next to the song that's playing? Better hit that once a day for 12 days if you want your presents.

Next on the list: Y'all know The Boondocks? You know, Aaron McGruder's very successful comic strip and now a cartoon on adult swim? Well, DC's own Asheru, (and a Funkadelic Freestyles alum, hopefully we see him again soon), is well-known for the theme song, and when the first season began airing, he dropped the Hip Hop Docktrine 1 mixtape. It's already season 2, so that means...

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Free Image Hosting at

Big ups to for hosting it!

Check back tomorrow for even more presents, including some new Atmosphere and...Chris Brown?

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