well, im fortunate enough to be in a warmer place then my home (NY) or school (DC).
im currently hanging out in sweet miami...was at the shore club lastnight peeping the south beach scene. anyways, heard some nice ghostface and some other crappy soulja boy but its all good.

as i was looking over the times today, yes, the new york times, i stumbled upon an interesting ARTICLE. this guy also wrote the article about pimp-c. definitely give it a view, its surprisingly long. 3 pages, impressive new york times. i like it.

here are a few things that stood out to me for those of you who are too lazy to read:

"Only one problem: After a year when the hitmaker Fabolous and the bohemian Common sold about equally, as did the BET favorite Yung Joc and the indie-rap alumnus Talib Kweli, it’s not clear that there’s still a hip-hop mainstream to be outside."    --shame
"rappers may have to reconsider their place in the universe, and their audience"   -- watch your words.
"The mainstream hip-hop industry relies on a thriving underground, but isn’t the reverse also true?"  -- very interesting

the first statement in just a sad fact about today's audience. the last statement i found very interesting, and it is definitely something to think about.

enjoy the article and happy almost new year people.
celebrate, enjoy, and PEACE.

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