what up mofuckers

arite well im not going to lie, the last time i posted on a blog, blogger was not owned by google and it was kinda emo, even though emo was jben. but shhh.

anyways, im another person youll hear from every once in awhile, ERIC. 
im not nearly as good at this shit as jben is, by the way am i allowed to curse on this? whatever. ill make my contributions, and of course, i do want to shout out TSS, my personal favorite blog to read. if you don't know what that is, DO SOME RESEARCH. theyre big now, rawkus and shit.
now to hip hop, of course jben already mentioned lupe..

is anyone thats in to hip hop not talking about lupe right now? i think not. 

gold watch, for you mixtapers or bootleggers its track 8, the true hypebeast lupe comes out. of course ill be the one to comment on this being that i am an NT'er (since 02 that is). well lupe was an NT'er, but who knows what happened? its kinda nice to hear someone rapping about the real ill gear, like a neighborhood wallet and not an LV one.
gold watch, he's not talking about that rolex, he's talking about the
co.jp casio people.

give the track a listen, its quality. for you lazy/cheap/people not up on their game, here it is on zshare, get it while you can. 

arite, ill leave yall alone for now. enjoy windy dc and buy his album...PEACE.

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