DOWNLOAD: D.Omen - The Duncecap EP

I've been so busy lately that I haven't gotten around to posting this yet. I figure I should provide some linkage since D.Omen technically premiered it on my show the other night, lol. Shout out to Pro'Verb, G*Two, & Marky for the DMV SLU remix. And you thought the beat was played out... (P.S. I'm on hiatus so don't expect posts until tomorrow night at the earliest. I'm on my Amanda Bassa right now.)


  1. I'll have you know, I resent that. And just for that, maybe I'll do another post tomorrow. HA!

  2. lmao @ im on my amanada bassa. ey u cant be takin shots at my woman mr. JBen-In-Rotation O_o

    and thanx @ cayan. =X

  3. hey now, let's not be claiming me.
    Amanda enjoys her complete freedom.

    Keep the shots coming. I can take it. And you know I can throw it right back, too. We'll take that battle straight to the GIS lab, son. Keep playin.

  4. [Ryan]you're my bloggggiin girl, you the one I put my claim on, you're my blogggiiiinn girl, you the one I quit the (Rap) game for..[/Leslie]

  5. LOL the opportunity was there, so I had to make the joke. And like D is claiming Amanda...c'mon!

    I will throw down in the GIS lab, Ms. Bassa.