11.25.08: FF 027 - E Major

Could this be the Funkadelic Freestyles Thanksgiving Special? Why yes, why not. I've got four hours (8pm-Midnight) to do anything I want...so I figure we'd get all festive with the holidays and ish. First up, we've got the new music half hour from 8:00-8:30pm, followed by a brand new episode (2) of Markyland featuring Marky, AB The Producer, and Nando. At 9:30pm the emcee E Major from Baltimore will be joining us for a live in-studio - E dropped an album earlier this year called Majority Rules and has been grinding for quite some time. 

There's rumors of some special guests popping in to see us  - a certain blogger and MAYBE a certain R&B superstar. I can't promise anything, though. Tune in nonetheless as I'll be digging deep into my music library for your listening enjoyment.

FF 027: The Thanksgiving Special?
With musical guest E Major
Featuring Marky, Nando., & AB The Producer in Markyland
Hosted by jben.ok
8pm-Midnight EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on GWRADIO.COM and campus channel 22

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