INTERVIEW: The Apple Juice Kid

Last Sunday I had the chance to conduct a phone interview with The Apple Juice Kid, and somehow it turned out to be my favorite interview I've done thus far. It's not just because I'm in awe of his incredible production skills; it has more to do with his professionalism and insight (illiterate rappers, take note). Peep the whole thing over at elitaste, and check the sample below. Don't forget to download AJK's Miles Remixed project, and be sure to check back on this blog for some exclusives from the man himself. 

You’re behind the boards of the new Camp Lo album along with Ski & Korleon. How does the sound of A Piece of Action compare
to classic Lo albums like Uptown Saturday Night?

We’re still trying to go for that 7-0 sound, that’s always been Camp Lo. We’re trying to bring it into the future, so it’s like vintage-futuristic essentially. It’s a real collaboration; the three of us just get into a room and I’ll start making beats, Cheeba will suggest something, and we’ll just make something that all three of us think is hot. I don’t really think about Uptown Saturday Night; I think about Cheeba and Suede. I know them well enough now that I know what they both like, I know what I like, and we all gotta love it in order to go forward.

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