INTERVIEW: Tre & Slump of UCB

Last night's episode of Funkadelic Freestyles featured a live in-studio interview with Tre and Slump of the legendary go-go band UCB (a.k.a. The Uncalled 4 Experience). In case you missed it, I transcribed it last night for elitaste (therefore, there will be NO podcast). Look for some photos from Ajani Truth soon. Also be sure to download UCB's new single "You Go Girl" down below.

What’s the difference between the UnCalled 4 Experience and UCB?

Tre: Our original name back in ’95 or ’96 was The UnCalled for Band. We started using UCB as a simple acronym and people started to take to UCB more than they did UnCalled 4. We started to get a lot of negative press for the stuff they associate with go-go over the years and we had a stigma with us. In 2002 or 2003, we started using the name The Uncalled 4 Experience because we started to play at 21 plus spots and we had changed up our format for those venues. It was more like R&B, top 40, and mid-tempo grooves so we weren’t really playing raw, high-intensity grooves that we had made our name for. The Uncalled 4 Experience was a name for the intimate spots that we play in DC. When we’re on the road at colleges and at all-ages shows, the moniker is UCB.

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