VIDEO: S.O.T.L. - A Moment in History

This is only the beginning of the footage, courtesy of S.O.T.L., that came from Funkadelic Freestyles:  The Political Report Election Night Special. I finished uploading all the audio from the show and sent it off to illRoots and Dub Floyd last night (while Hallway Jay kept me entertained), which means you should see a mixtape VERY soon. X.O., Benji, Toney and I went back and listened to the ciphers again last night and wow...HISTORY. Oh, and you know we have a black president now, right? CHANGE.GOV and this official Flickr page from Chicago, Ill. (Props go to fwmj on that one.) 

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  1. That night history was made not only for America, but for the DMV! A lot of good energy was flowin!

    The Great Debate drops Dec 1! Keep your ears open :D