DOWNLOAD: Nando. - Continue? (mixtape)

DC's Nando. dropped this new mixtape out of the blue (a text message would have sufficed). Continue? could perhaps be his last mixtape or last collection of music altogether...regardless, the concept isn't wasted in lieu of similar ideas from Currency and Lupe Fiasco. Please understand that Nando. has an incredibly unique talent that just needs to be DISCOVERED. I know, I know. I get emails from artists and their managers everyday saying "I just wish the world could hear Lil' so-and-so!" Well, eff that - Nando. actually IS different than the rest of y'all out there. Download the tape and learn a lesson. Damn. (Rant over).

1. McCain
2. DC Sleeps
3. Handle Bars
4. Acoustic Freestyle ft. Wale
5. How To Hustle
6. Que Pasa ft. Azizi Gibson
7. Sweet Dreams
8. SR Theme (
9. Official
10. Like Us

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