DOWNLOAD: Von Pea - The Further Adventures of Von Pea

Happy early birthday, Mr. Pea. Tanya Morgan's own just dropped this new mixtape with the best cover ever, although I'm almost sure it accidentally leaked a day before his birthday. No worries, though; this tape with Von rocking over beats from Madlib's The Further Adventure of Lord Quas was given an official okay by the producer/emcee himself over at 2DBz. Does Von Pea rocking over a full tape of another producer's beats sound familiar? Perhaps; if you're like me you jammed his Kanye tribute Grand Vonye a few years back. Peep the tracklist below.

01 introduction
02 players!
03 web 2009
04 all day hell (f/ Donwill)
05 so supreme
06 the bubble (f/ Che Grand)
07 peagreenery
08 main jawn
09 starstruck / WHAT?
10 options (the great escape)
11 love (f/ Median & Elucid)
12 one man circus (co-starring Ilyas)

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