NEWS: The Roots Will Join The Late Show Ranks March 2009

Normally I wouldn't post news stores like this (just like how I skipped the whole Jim Jones-Broadway thing), but this bulletin involves my favorite group of all time. The Roots will be "retiring" from touring by March of next year in order to accommodate their move to NBC at 30 Rock in NYC. 

They'll be the house band for SNL alum Jimmy Fallon's new late late show, as he takes over for Conan O'Brien at the 12:35 spot once Conan makes the move to 11:35 to replace the departing Jay Leno. It's a GREAT look for The Roots, who have made a majority of their money touring and now get to spend a majority of their time with their families. A side note: yes, they'll still be recording albums. 

As for Black Thought? The Roots drummer ?uestlove, who drops the bomb in that video above, made a hint over at OKP that BT may finally get a solid solo album - perhaps with the help of the great DJ Premier. And just to clarify; The Roots seem to be intent on continue their touring within four hours of NYC. In addition to that, they may venture out west on weekends and overseas during the show's breaks (and when reruns begin). 

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