9.20.08: The PUMA Archive @ The PUMA Store Georgetown

A little reminder in case you haven't come across the flier yet: Tonight the PUMA Store in Georgetown (1237 Wisconsin Ave NW DC) will be hosting The PUMA Archive, featuring live performances from Africa Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Kurtis Blow, and live hip-hop band The Players. Since The Players are playing (ha ha), I'm sure they'll bring along a lot of great DC artists along with the evening's host, Grap Luva. If you RSVP before you get there, you get complimentary beverages all night! Good luck getting to the bar, though; the place will be packed.

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  1. HIP HOP AT ITS FINEST! I got to meet Africa Bambaataa and I must say that his energy is SERIOUS! Kurtis Blow was a cool guy as well! That was def a memorable night :) That was a fusion of new school and old school that is soooo necessary! AP, RaTheMC, Sheeba, XO, Tabi Bonney... what more can I say!!! I love my city... REAL Hip Hop was making its way around the bin :)