9.23.08: FF 018

The man in the picture above is not a rapper, nor does he have anything to do with hip-hop. His name is Troy Anthony Davis and as of 4pm today he was supposed to be executed in the state of Georgia for a crime he did not likely commit. At 5pm EST, he was offered a stay of execution, so for the time being, his execution has been suspended. Tonight we will spend a considerable amount of time discussing Mr. Davis' case, the justice department, and the state of Georgia. I will be joined by members of GWU's Black Student Union who will weigh in on the news story that only just recently made the news (the crime occurred in 1989).

On a lighter note, we've always got a ton of new music to play. Tune in tonight from 8-10pm for music from Madlib, Black Milk, Termanology, EMP, and more. All the info is below; spread the word!

FF 018
Hosted by jben.ok
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on gwradio.com and campus channel 22

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