9.30.08: FF 019 - R.E.U.B.

Today is a HUGE day for hip-hop. New releases from Murs, Termanology, Madlib, T.I., and others will cause loyal fans to shell out their hard-earned cash at the record store (er...actually, Best Buy). To celebrate the grand ole 30th of September, I thought we'd bring in a special guest from our neighboring state of Virginia. Ladies and gentleman,VA's own R.E.U.B. (pronounced Rube) will be joining us live in-studio for another edition of Funkadelic Freestyles tonight on WRGW Radio. 

Please take some time to get to know R.E.U.B. with the links provided below. Tonight's interview will be featured exclusively on elitaste.com, so look for the text sometime tomorrow. And yes, the first hour of tonight's show will be chock-full of brand new music, including material from Kid Sister, B.o.B., Dela, and Mos Def

FF 019
Hosted by jben.ok
Featuring musical guest R.E.U.B.
8pm - 10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on gwradio.com and campus channel 22

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