VIDEO: The Foreign Exchange - Sincere (feat. Yahzarah)

Although I'd like Funkadelic Freestyles to be known exclusively for that "new-new," ever since I started throwing up those classic podcasts I've started to accept the fact that I can't stay away from the throwback joints. Case in point: This Foreign Exchange video off their first album, Connected, that I almost forgot was existence. As I was heading to class today with their new single, "Daykeeper," blasting in my iPod, I started to imagine a visually-pleasing music video to accompany the song. Perhaps I'll suggest it to Tay, but then again, their budget isn't seeing Kanye's. 

Oh, by the way: Phonte and Zo! will be live in-studio next Sunday night (9/21) at 11pm EST for an exclusive interview. I'm geeked; are you?

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  1. damn..this song reminds me of 8th grade/freshman year times blasting tunes in your room or on the mac cause we had no place to go hah. now where those podcasts at?