9.27.08: Trouble The Water

This afternoon I headed out to the E Street Cinema here in Washington, DC to catch a showing of Trouble The Water, the new documentary film from directors Tia Lessin and Carl Deal. The film incorporates home video footage of Hurricane Katrina - shot on the 9th Ward in the midst of the storm - provided by Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her husband Scott, who were among the many survivors who battled Katrina because they could not evacuate. Tia and Carl met Kim and Scott two weeks after the storm and followed them around with their documentary camera crew for nearly two months. The footage is incredibly emotional and disturbingly raw; you often have to remind yourself that these people are real and that there are thousands of others who went through the same ordeal. 

So real, in fact, that Tia, Carl, Kim, and Scott surprised the audience after the film by showing up for a Q&A. They expressed the need to spread the word about Trouble The Water, especially since the film is dealing with a VERY limited release. The aim of the filmmakers is not to make money for their own purposes; it is to help the American people understand that the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans are far from over. Please PLEASE support this movie by going to see it near you, and if it's not near you, make a trip out of your comfort zone, just like Kim and Scott, to find a theater showing the film. All the links below will give you the information you need. There's also a bonus link featuring the music of Kim, a.k.a. Black Kold Madina, whose aspiring music career becomes a small sub-plot in the documentary.

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