BREAKING NEWS: Wale Joins GWU's Fall Fest Lineup

*Phew* It's no longer a secret folks, Wale's joined the bill for tomorrow's Fall Fest concert at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. I was told yesterday to keep this on the DL, but the university just sent out this official press release:

Join Program Board at the Smith Center for newly-announced surprise
artist Wale. PB is proud to announce that Wale's (wah-lay) fresh and
high energy performance, coupled with an exciting array of amusements
and music, is set to make Saturday's event electrifying with rock
bands Virginia Coalition and The Canon Logic.

Wanna know the sad part? I won't even be there. I'm posting from a hotel room in Kennebunkport, Maine at my cousin's wedding. In case you didn't realize how much missing this means to me, take note that I rep hard (pause) for Wale and write for his website, But listen folks, you have a good time out in DC. All the hoop-la begins around 3pm, but I'd expect Wale sometime around 8pm or 9pm. 

P.S. Who the fuck are Virginia Coalition and The Canon Logic?

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