10.28.08: FF 023 - Panacea

Panacea's new album A Mind On A Ship Through Time is officially in stores today, October 28th. With that said, one-half of the duo will join us in-studio tonight - the producer and XM radio host K Murdock. Some may argue that this release is their best, although some may not even know it's out there. It's only available on Tasteful Licks at the moment; we'll ask Mr. Murdock about further distribution tonight. Be sure to catch that interview and album listening party tonight at 9pm.

During the 8-9 hour I'll be playing the first ever official KNOWxONE mixtape put together by Ges and the Nocturnal Sound Krew. Featuring an eclectic mix of today hottest's records (T.I., Kanye, Kid Sister) and some exclusives (Marky, FKI, a new Love Lockdown rmx), this one's sure to be in constant rotation. In the words of Ges, this is called keeping it "100% hip-hop." I'll post the full tape after tonight's show, and yes, I'm aware it's already out there - but it's just the way I'm doing it.

So be sure to tune in: same place, same time. We'll also be running through more details about the election night special - plus I'm gonna premiere that Che Grand flier. 

FF 023
With musical guest Panacea
Hosted by jben.ok
8-10pm EST
WRGW Radio @ The George Washington University
LIVE on gwradio.com and campus channel 22

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  1. Thanks for playing the mix J. Great show, loved the Panacea (the parts that I caught). Next Tuesday!