VIDEO: Judah Interview

DC producer Judah is the man behind your future favorite records. In fact, if you're in the area, he's probably already been behind the boards on A LOT of local hits. I first discovered Judah when listening to Wale's 100 Miles & Runnin' mixtape on the stellar "Daytona Squared." More recently, I peeped the EP he put together with FF alum X.O., and then we communicated briefly via email about his new artist, RAtheMC. See how everyone is connected around here? 

Anyway, take a few minutes to check out the exclusive (and well-produced) interview with the new super producer. He's got projects! And...I can't forget that Judah and RAtheMC remade Too Short's "Freaky Tales" for Mick Boogie's VH1 Honor Roll mixtape. Download below!

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