DOWNLOAD: Panacea - Ink Is My Drink Instrumentals

K Murdock and Raw Poetic, known together as the DC hip-hop duo Panacea, put the instrumentals for their 2006 Rawkus release Ink Is My Drink up for free download on their MySpace this morning. For a lot of you real hip-hop heads, this is definitely a treat. In my personal opinion, Ink Is My Drink and their follow-up The Scenic Route are two of the BEST independent hip-hop releases of all time. (And I'm not just saying that because K Murdock is a friend, lol) 

Anyway, enjoy the free download and the single, "Voyagers," from their new album A Mind on a Ship Through Time in stores on October 28th. I would share with you another track off that album, but I don't think I'm allowed to. Let me just warn you; the album is going to turn some heads.

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