VIDEO: Oddisee on Vimby

If you've been paying attention to the New Music Cartel lately, you will have noticed the surprising amount of love DC producer and FF alum Oddisee has been receiving. He's been up in NY with Peter Rosenberg recording a series of EPs with big names (Saigon, Buckshoot, Skyzoo) and eskay got to visit him earlier this week. I guess I can't say I told you so since it's only been about a year since I became a believer, but I get points for being somewhat early, right?

Peep the video above as Oddisee takes you through the history of DC's historic U Street community. Plus I uploaded the podcast from last April with Oddisee in our studio, an mp3 you're really gonna wanna pick up. I know not everyone downloads the podcasts, and that's fine, but SERIOUSLY scoop this one. O plays highlights from his production catalog, plays about 10-12 UNRELEASED beats, and even finds some time to spit over the instrumental you hear at the beginning of the Vimby video.

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