VIDEO: Joy Denalane - Change (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

I'm taking a quick break from studying to bring you this: the Obama edition of Joy Denalane's video for her single "Change," featuring Lupe Fiasco. Ms. Denalane is a German born singer who released her first English album in August of 2006. This song featuring Chicago's own dropped as a single back in spring of 2007 (sitting on my external hard drive), but new visuals were incorporated to include the Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama

One of the great things about this video is that not only does it get me back into the music of Joy Denalane, it also gives me a sensational feeling as I await my absentee ballot. Yes, our radio show and blog have officially endorsed Barack, if that means anything. And the other great thing? Mr. Fiasco originally threw his support at Hilary Clinton, but his tune has since changed. He's become extremely positive in getting out the vote for Obama. It's a good day, folks!

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