10.4.08: Sign The Che Grand EGU Petition

I meant to mention this a few days ago, but school work has kept me busy. Let me speak on a friend of the show, current Brooklyn resident and emcee Che Grand. He's been grinding pretty hard for a few years now, appearing on several records with the Lessondary Crew, a hip-hop collective from all areas of the country featuring the likes of Tanya Morgan, Spec Boogie, Elucid, & Jermiside. Back in March, we let him takeover Funkadelic Freestyles for a special Friday night edition and he introduced his eclectic taste in music by dropping records from all genres (Can, Fab Five Freddy, and of course, Funkadelic). He started to generate buzz for his singles "Crash" and "Swing," and talked glowingly of his new album, Everything's Good Ugly.

The plans of releasing Everything's Good Ugly over the summer have since changed. And even in such a short span of time, so has the distribution game. I can't fail to mention that most aspiring, unsigned hip-hop artists don't have the financial means to properly promote a record when they don't have major labels throwing them bags of money. Independent releases are wonderful; The Foreign Exchange record dropping next week will be entirely independently distributed, but keep in mind that Nicolay and Phonte can afford it - they've built their "stacks" off years of touring, promoting, and appearing on a variety of different releases. Che is still new to millions of listeners and will continue to be new until he finds a way to release Everything's Good Ugly to the people. 

khal over at rockthedub created the EGU OR NOTHING petition to help garner support for Mr. Grand, an emcee who hopes to one day see the darkest times turn into the most magnificent. Do the right thing and make your voice heard over at Petition Online. Peace to khal, Che, Matt Graham, and Vex.

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