From the FF in-studio interview, courtesy of Ajani Truth

Another day, another interview. It took us a minute to get this up since we lost the audio of the in-studio interview and freestyle (!) last week. But because VA emcee/producer R.E.U.B. is sucha nice dude, he took a half hour out of his Friday night to redo the questions over the phone. Here's the interview, featured exclusively over at elitaste, featuring pictures from DMV producer/photographer Ajani Truth....

Now if there was one independent artist that you’d like to work with, who would it be?

It would be Blu from Blu & Exile because that dude is sick! I haven’t heard all of his material but to even hear his album Below The Heavens, I feel like that’s the type of music I would like to be involved with. I just want to do a track with him; do a song with one of his beats, and do a song with one of our beats. I just feel like he could tackle any subject and do it correctly. I feel like if we did a song together, it would have to be a story joint; we could just blow it out and show people what’s possible with hip-hop and collaborations.

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